Company establishment


MIGLIAVADA SRL starts a new branch at " Centro TIR " in Montano Lucino (CO), being this the most suitable area to manage today custom services and to be ready for future developments.


The year of changes. Since the approval of the new European Regulation for free circulation of goods, customs on CE Country borders disappear.
Migliavada SRL - based on the border of a non CE Country - increases dramatically the activity.
Operating structure of Migliavada SRL quickly adapts itself to the greater amount of work, engaging new personnel to grant our customers more professionality and continuity in custom procedures. Electronic facilities inside the company are updated and extended in order to allow our clients to get quicker and more accurate services. The same year Migliavada SRL acquires all customs permissions to operate at 360 all around the World, yet to better serve our customers.


Today our staff consists of 16 people, mostly in the branch of Montano Lucino (CO), where the gratest part of the traffic is being handled. Even this year we expect an increase of activity, which will bring a further development of our company.